Best Node.js Frameworks Beneficial For Web Development

Best Node.js Frameworks Beneficial For Web Development

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It requires a lot of knowledge to create Node.JS applications; you can have interactive websites, rich APIs, and real-time apps that scale quickly using Node.JS frameworks.

According to the Node.js user surveys, nearly 4 out of 5 full-stack developers and back-end programmers rate Node.js frameworks today as their first choice.

The latest Node.Js survey report explains that developers offer a 68% increase in productivity, lower development costs, and better performance. It’s due to the new Node.Js frameworks and their deployment. Express.Js is a Node.Js framework that has been rated among the top in 2021 according to current trends. 

It has developed to be more than a tool for implementing scalable, fast network applications. This is evident in the development of a variety of excellent Node.JS frameworks. A list of a few magnificent frameworks can elevate web applications to an entirely new level.

7 Trending Node JS Frameworks For You


Hapi is more than a robust and lightweight framework, and it can also be used to build APIs. Hapi is a rich framework to develop applications and services, and it’s designed to allow you to create usable logic instead of infrastructure.

The key features of Hapi JS

  • Input validation
  • Authentication
  • Caching
  • Architecture based on plugins
  • Control over request handling

2. Express JS

Express JS is the Node JS framework with the greatest speed and integrity. Express JS requires a ready, unopinionated, and minimalist web core for Node.js.

The key features of Express JS

  • The core allows for customization
  • Lean learning curve
  • Other packages and 14+ templates engines maintained

3. Sail JS

It’s a Node JS real-time web development framework based upon MVC. Sails permit you to develop custom enterprise-grade Node.js applications.

Sail JS is a highly suitable framework for supporting real-time features such as chat. It ensures to development of high-end customized apps in the least time possible.

The key features of Sail JS

  • Auto-generated REST APIs
  • Compatible with other front-end platforms such as Angular, Backbone, and iOS
  • WebSocket integration is simple and transparent
  • Compatibility with LESS and SASS modules, Stylus, and other Grunt modules
  • Additional routing is not required

4. Koa JS

The Node JS framework is very futuristic, and it makes writing code and RESTful APIs much easier and more fun. Koa was explicitly created as an expressive, intuitive middleware that uses user generators, and it also provides async functions that eliminate callbacks and simplify error mitigation.

Powerful features of Koa JS:

  • Modular
  • Efficient and easy error handling
  • No terms of callbacks
  • Component-based building block

5. Meteor JS

Meteor JS, a full-stack JS platform built upon Node JS, aids in developing modernized large-scale applications. It is also the most widely used framework, providing the fastest way to create JavaScript apps. 

Powerful advantages of Meteor JS:

  • Real-time changes
  • Backed by a vast community
  • Rich and structured documentation
  • Supports large applications like eCommerce

6. Total JS

Total JS was introduced relatively late and is the advanced modular framework for Node. MVC architectural patterns also support it. It can be used in asynchronous or flexible ways to the core. So, it assists in developing robust web applications, websites, eCommerce, real-time apps for IoT quicker and just the way businesses need.”The principal purpose of the framework is to be compact, stable, and without dependencies.”

The essential features of TotalJS:

  • Both server-side and client-side solutions
  • NoSQL installed database, along with analytics and performance engines
  • WebSocket Events and Server-Sent Events
  • Memory space terms are low
  • Amazing routing
  • Built-in view engine maintenance

7. Nest JS

Nest JS is a Node JS REST API framework that is extensive, varied, and growing. Modern JS makes it easy to create scalable, performance-driven enterprise applications. It is deliberately designed with TypeScript and combines OOP, FP, and FRP.

The best characteristics of NestJS

  • Modular architecture allows for the use of all libraries
  • A flexible ecosystem that supports all types of server-side applications
  • Express is an excellent tool for communication

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