Android Application Development Quick Tips For Android Developers

Android Application Development Quick Tips For Android Developers

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More than 80% of people now insist on mobile applications for their daily needs to business needs. Android applications are not just a number but the king of the digital era, which is pretty much everywhere around us, starting from our wrist to car and everywhere you go. You will have a successful app if you are a perfect fit for it. You may find an android app development company to fulfil others’ needs, but what about you being an Android developer?

Do you want to be amongst them? Yes, you can. Becoming an Android developer is easy, but becoming a successful and professional Android developer with excellent knowledge and skills in mobile application development is not as easy as living in a competitive world. So to stand out from the crowd, there should be some speciality in you which tend people to hire you. To achieve this, there are no shortcuts, but there are perfect guidelines and tips that make you more accessible and understandable, which you will get from this blog post.

So, without wasting any more time further, let’s get started.

Market analysis market research is the first important step that needs to be followed before jumping into the main course. It is mandatory to deliver the exact service a customer needs by understanding their requirements. And success becomes there where you have provided an app for your customer with 100% satisfaction. You can see that there is a well-scripted story of deep market analysis behind every successful firm or product.

1. Understand the android framework

Understanding the android framework doesn’t mean what framework you will use, and it is about building a base of knowing how things work on an android framework. It is not about the Android Framework you are using. You need to understand a few basic things like how codes are written in an android framework, how different things work for single output, and all. Because if you are an organization providing mobile application development services, you should be very educated from the basics to deliver your customers outstanding services.

2. Start creating UI.UX designs

Every customer’s attention goes to your app’s interface at very first sight. Personalization is crucial in this regard. Design your app so that every detail relates to your targeted audience’s vision. And top of that, loading speed should not be more than a user’s patience. Everyone looks for an app that is user-friendly and simple to use. Even though your app’s interface may be beautiful and relatable, but users will not stick around for longer than a few seconds for your app to load.

3. Start working on IDE.

The first step to start working on IDE would be to download the Official IDE for Android: Android Studio. It offers excellent code editing, debugging, development, and deployment features to develop high-quality and excellent android applications for your clients. Suppose you are looking to create apps for Android smartphones, tablets, Android TV, Android Wearables, or Android Auto. In that case, Android Studio provides a unified environment to build robust, secure, and scalable Android apps. Spend more time on IDE and learn how it works and how to use it in the best way. Because once you start using it, you will know how excellently it will work for you. It has many hidden features that you will learn by researching more about it and working on it.

4. Learn codes and start implementing

The most important thing for a developer is in-depth knowledge of coding. Nowadays, Google provides several platforms and certification courses to learn coding, which you can quickly learn. Most developers don’t spend time on others’ codes, and they just spend most of their time writing what they already know.

But that will not help you to increase your knowledge. You should learn codes as there are many open-source platforms and start implementing them. Start looking at other open-source apps and libraries and start learning. Learning can’t work out. Coding is like drawing, and you will get perfect in it until you start practising it. When you start writing codes, you will come to know about the errors that you are making and whether you can apply the logic in the code properly or not. Try different logical coding methods and work on shortcodes as every android app development company looks for developers who use shortcodes. Lengthy codes are boring, and it takes time to complete the development process.